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#Poattic-5    #Rewind

A day, I thought

perhaps would suffice

Iโ€™d rewind the hands of

Quietly fleeting time.

But can a day ever suffice

The love exchanged in a lifetime?


Alas! Too soon have you left

With a searing pain my heart is cleft.

One half goes with you

As I bid my last adieu.

With the other numbed half

What shall I ever do?


No whispers leave

Your silent lips.

Instead I imagine words,

Your voice trailing me

โ€œSoft, tarry wait awhile.โ€

Words once uttered  tenderly.

Now, instead of my arms

A white shroud hugs

Swathing together both of us.

White colours my void existence

Fill this void, by whispering

My name just once.


Or promise me a rendezvous

Visit me in the darkest nights

When my doomed soul strives

Touch me till I burst into a million stars.

Then, like gusts of winds let your arms

Cradle me into serene somnolence.

Mumtaz N K


Picture courtesy: Unsplash: Priscilla du Preez


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