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#AZatPP #V

The old ramshackle houses

With bay windows hint at another time

And age. An age of transition:

No permanency for this age,

‘Twas like copper sheen,

When touched by breath

It turned into a blueish green.


History captures its glory

As the craftsman fingers a copper

Buddha bust with longing

Lending his name to a dynastic story.

A tarnished coating —blue green transparent;

And toxic,  as, is human touch.

It brings out emotions suppressed.


Lady Liberty  embraced

Change, copper she was until

Her skin was touched by life.

And then  she became verdigris.

Perchance Nature’s palette

Prefers impermanence,

Knowing well that all’s transient:

When born under sun all

Must alter anon.


© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


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  1. Verdigris: colour blueish green, copper acetates due to oxidation change the colour of copper from brown to blueish green

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