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The Magic Web of #flashfiction

The Magic Web of Stories….

January 10th, 2020
Kechua, the attendant knocked at Kurstig’s door, within half an hour the whole village gathered and broke the door…. Kurstig lay on the floor his eyes shocked in death, his fingers clutching a wooden doll and his mouth twisted in a scream!
January 9th, 2020
Kurstig’s fingers had caressed that wooden doll, longing for her to come to life. Baba Burjan’s tale of Sheerin Farhad had enamoured him…

Each day, a storytelling evening had made Kurstig’s imagination run wild. After a three long months, he had carved a bevy of star struck lovers. There stood Laila Majnu, Beatrice Dante, Sohni-Mahiwal…..and many other thwarted couples.

He wished to gift it to this border town Kupwara in Kashmir before leaving for his hometown.

A week and he’d leave this valley town, take memories of the evening audience that gathered eagerly at the feet of storyteller- Baba Burjan.

Kurstig picked up the wooden doll; he’d finished giving the final touch yesterday, Sheerin. And he gazed at her wistfully, wishing her to come to life.
Did such things ever happen?

The hoary frost hit at his glass pane with a savage rhythm. The blazing fire in the hearth cast a spell, and he felt something move and touch him…. Kurstig let out a cry and a scream froze. Sheerin stood by his side, but she had died centuries ago.

Was this real or was he trapped in the blackhole of Burjan Baba’s stories? Baba’s electric eyes hypnotised him… his musical voice continued to command, dare, goad and provoke him to take a living Sheerin’s hand into his and walk into eternity … “Love requires biggest sacrifices….go on embrace her after centuries you finally meet.”
“Kurstig, you are her Farhad.”

©Mumtaz Khorakiwala….



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