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Be like the silent twinkling lights

That welcomed Ram, Sita and Laxman

After a fourteen year  long exile.

Let red ochred lamps you light

Brighten the world’s darkest night.

On such nights, Oh cowering soul,

Despair not of  death-like shadows,

For Nachiketa, then returns

To lead us in quest of the  jewel-like wisdom

Hidden in our innermost selves,

Where unknown to us it lies

To blind Death’s eyes.


In this season of smoky lights

When winter crosses the Fall’s threshold

Let your smile, a lone lantern be

To kindle  moments of a loved one’s day,

Let peace trail with you,

Wafting like fireflies,

To scintillate through the most foreboding of nights.

Your light shall  ignite thousand

More lamps that radiate Love

And Harmony into many mundane lives!

Mumtaz Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Unsplash


Myths related with Diwali:

There are several myths related:

*Ayodhya, the city being lit up to welcome Lord Ram ,Sita and Laxman after 14 year long exile.

*King Hima’s daughter-in-law saves her husband’s life by keeping death,. Lord Yama, at bay.

*Nachiketa  being enlightened by Lord Yama.



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