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Skies for Anguished

Starry nights glitter
Starry prussian skies
Skies unfurling constellations
Skies littered with jewels
Jewels of night
Jewels on ‘A Starry Night’
A starry night at cafes, boulevards
A starry night of splendour
Splendour on canvas
Splendour in Van Gogh
Van Gogh’s thick brush strokes
Van Gogh’ s signature style
Style unappreciated
Style beautiful and bold
Bold, brash, creative
Bold epistles, epiphanic letters
Letters to Theo Van Gogh
Letters tragic
Tragic fate
Tragic end
End to woes
End of dreamy nights
Nights in Paris
Nights life-giving
Life-giving genius
Life-giving art
Art soaked in blood
Art Proven├žal,vibrant
Vibrant palette
Vibrant yellow and blue
Blue skies, wheat fields
Blue nights still
Still Life
Still blue irises in vase chrome
Chrome sunflowers turning gold
Chrome blazing summers
Summer harvests and peasants
Summer warm tints
Tints, compositions stark
Tints delirious and brilliant
Brilliant artist in asylum
Brilliant artist’s banal tale
Tale fascinating
Tale of pathos and pain
Pain, ecstasy and angst
Pain, heart broken, anguished
Anguished delusions, dementia and death
Anguished meeting

Mumtaz N Khorakiwala

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