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None could I see as I climbed up

The temple rickety,

Like a chair out of use.

My mind’s chatter accompanied me

Speaking persuasively,

Trying to salvage me whole

From future difficulties

Broken beings who can mend?

And creaky aged-bones

None will tend.

The dot of a temple I saw

And eased my shallow breathe.

Each step of this precarious journey

I was tempted to turn away.

I might have slipped a few steps,

Grazed my knee,

Wallowed in pain momentary.

Yet, my eyes gazed steadfastly

It was, as if the centre of my Universe

Beckoned me. And a broken me walked on.

Until I felt someone carry me

Lift my frail body

And then the monolithic stone Temple permitted me.

Someone whispered in my ear:

Seeker! Ask …

Pray, say what you desire!

Mumtaz Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: dusan jovic

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