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Rose buds touched red—playful gusts flirt,parting their lips
Roses lush red— quietly await the farmers’ deft hands
Roses flushed red— like my cheeks in chill winters!
Roses blush red— the heady scent of first love.
Roses thrust red— a Valentine’s Day bouquet
Roses petals crushed red— a lover’s tiff,
Roses untouched red—a virginal hymn
Roses plush red— like the mute red carpet to altar
Roses shushed red—a smothering kiss ensues “I Do.”
Roses robust red—the whiff of a heady long romance!
Roses crushed red—wild nights of love, a maelstrom
Rose bouquets thrust— the quandary of daily routine
Roses hushed red! A long silence of seclusion.
Roses hushed red! Your memory caged in books…
Roses hushed….leafing through pages of yesteryears
Longing for the romance…when you are gone!

©Mumtaz Khorakiwala

Picture credits: Roksolana Zasiadko

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