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Summer loving happened so fast
Summer loving how I wished it would last
I met a boy whilst picking mangoes from trees
And that’s when his eyes fell up on me.
Summers days something’s begun
Summer days we had our bit of fun.
Until ’twas pickling season!

Summer noons we’d creep into the fated kitchen.
Never realising it’d be the end of our fun,
Relishing the new mango pickle and its crunch.
Of betrayal, we never had a hunch!
We licked the flavours of mango pickle
Tell- tale stains of mustard oil and herbs that trickled
Ah rendezvous amidst jars, what bliss!
Until one day when my mother met his,
And his mother dared me make a wish!

Summers days something’s undone.
Summer days we had our bit of fun,
Until ’twas pickling season!

Mumtaz Khorakiwala


*This poem is based on Travolta & Olivia Newton John’s song Summer Loving in Grease.
Had fun writing this.

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