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Alchemy and mathematical formulae

Can’t win me

I’m flustered by signs foreign

My heart stops, and fear

Cloaks me, if you wish to

Win me, then explain not

Your love with symbols

Representing ‘Eureka’

Algebra or Chemistry

Instead utter six simple words:

At last I have found thee !


Imagine,the plight of

My poor mind

Figuring billet doux with alien

Scribblings. I’d feel

I’m appearing for another

10th  standard exam, confounded with fear,

I shudder at the thought

Of a terrible headache blinding me.


On hindsight, no mathematical love for me.

I speak not in numbers

And if you do I’d say,

More than words,

Numbers confuse me.

Only angels need

Numbers, I’m not one

I’d appreciate tradition

That is a proposal proper,

You genuflect on your knees.

And ask me, “Will you please…!”


Mumtaz N Khorakiwala


Picture courtesy: Pinterest


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