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Magnolia Bliss


Magnolia bliss, a  dream-like journey

surreal virgin  buds rise tall- 

folded like two palms joined in veneration,

sheathed in a tissuey tea rococo veil.

they beseech the heavens to fill them 

with the first showers–

swaying; playing with balmy Himalayan  evenings.

 the moon waxes in the summer skies

showering its cream purity generously,

awakening Magnolia’s hardy majesty.

ah this hypnotic unfurling  blossom;

that slowly burgeons

through nights mysteriously.

its concentric petals- 

impressively graceful

yet thick and waxy

watch these moonstruck Magnolia buds


night after night, a saucer opens

until the tree is in full blossom.

a wave of heady giddiness tickles buzzing bees

fluttering around this magnificent tree

the subtle fragrances spilling out from

delicate creamy blossoms

 part  it’s deciduous sacramento  leaves.

tickled by buzzing bees, each flower,

spills forth moonbeams

from its swiss coffee blossoms

a flower bent like hollowed-palms 

asking for alms. each morning eyes 

gaze at Magnolias’ dignity

perseverance and purity– – 

Magnolia cups hollow- 

brim with the beauty

what shall we call this

symbiosis –Nature’s plenitude?

or hanakotoba, flowers conversing

with cross-pollinating bees!





Mumtaz Khorakiwala



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