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Your identity, and a paper slip is all you need

Join the terminal’s meandering queue

There’s no time of the day when it sleeps.


The hum of the belt, then a click and beep 

And with a flourishing sweep, they permit you through the Security Check.

A couple of nail clippers, scissors, pluckers seized.


She argues it’s harmless, a probe for acupressure,

But they examine the thin knobbed steel rod thoroughly 

Nothing nefarious about it though, yet it’s flung into a bin.


The loudspeaker blares with announcements,

Whilst the airport  lounge with is buzzing with sudden camaraderie

Yet all drowns in the cacophony of silent airports.


Brief meetings at the airport terminal, sometimes spark

 Long-standing friendships. The clock ticks as a desultory conversation subsides

 Into hushed whispers…some place for secrecy!


Couples grab luxurious moments from hectic schedules

Indulge in a selfie, pose with an arm thrown to hold brokenness.

A romantic moment to be posted as an  Instagram Story.


Bored parents rush into stalls that litter the space, spilling their goods and tastes

A tired hand offers an ethnic dish, an idli, a dosa or  piece of khaman 

Whilst the child shrieks at a hoarding that announces Vegan Coffee, Belgium Chocolate, Latte, and sandwiches.

For weary mothers little comfort the airport offers except a makeshift meal 

Dig into a Burger, gulp that Cappuccino,or chew on the stale Bhatura

Let you fidgety child watch a movie, or buy it something trendy.


You can’t miss the hostesses, don’t ogle at the young beauties

Skimpily clad, they hug their stockinged long legs, waiting patiently.

They’ll guide you with flight’s intricacies. Harbour no other fantasies!


Here I sit wondering how the busiest airport runs full tilt

The world moves unimaginably, you pin a destination

And lo in hours you board and land falling off the map, flowing with anonymity.


Mumtaz Khorakiwala


Picture Courtesy:Jose Martin Ramirez Carrasco

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