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Notice the sheer alchemy in June’s noons

The slanting rays, of the golden Sun, dart through the lattice,

Criss-crossing patterns of oozing sunlight spill.

To watch the beams dance, is indeed, a thrill ! 

As a beam touches the iron grid of the lattice

Window sills become molten gold, shimmering silently.

My childish gaze is entranced, I hop and squeal to 


Fluid golden drops that evade me; oh I lock myself carefully

So no one sees me revel, when I steal pieces of golden sunlight.

And I continue with the little mischief, when no one is likely to see me

Safe in the low rhythmic snoring, I hear through long noon siestas,

Ah, this delicious peek-a-boo! No one knows,

June’s noons find me lunging after  bits of precious sunshine.

“Ah quietly, soft, not a sound”, I tell myself

When I stumble;  I mumble under my breath, like granny.

How she’d console me, nestling my head in her ample bosom

While  jumping hopscotch, if  I fell…

What a dreadful moment that is, when my mother finds out what mischief I was upto 

And, she arrests me. Her arms swoop like an eagle

Descend upon prey, and, then she takes me 

Her fingers  pinioning me down, lifting me by the fours….

And rushing into the darkness of her bedroom

In the quietness of the bedroom,  lull me to June’s drugged sleep.

Long after…my mind wandered back to that moment

The trellised iron design quickened to life, a magical alchemy.

Were the sunbeams June’s  touchstone?

Mumtaz N Khorakiwala 

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