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How can you tame my hunger for you
When it roars like a flaming fire?
Can you cage the smouldering flames
That have grown from shimmering coals?
A yearning hidden deep that blossomed, until no more
That passion caged within,I could keep.
A blazing scarlet rose bud throbbing to open…
Visualise a slow fire ignite from a phosphorescent glow in dark
Stirred by slow gusts, wind-kissed it grew
Into an all consuming conflagration.
Its tongues spreading rapidly
Sucking me and you, in a fiery tornado
That devoured all it touched.
Then, a wave quenched its all consuming thirst,
Love never realised its outpouring,
Suddenly a deluge it grew into.
Cascading down until it lapped us like burgeoning waves do the shores,
Ah what more can one desire, but to be soaked in love!
Each drop an elixir.
Yet, can lovers’ passion sense?
What overwhelms them: a fire, rapidly turning into a maelstrom?
Or the crest of the wave of Love that crashes furiously,
Flooding everything, soaking even crags
That are blown into smithereens.

Mumtaz N Khorakiwala
Picture courtesy: David Kovolenko

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