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Half of you is buried deep within me.
This half you can’t see; it lies deep under my earth.
Ah! Today I’m that hearse
That has been bearing you for centuries.
No, not towards your final destiny! Achingly I see you live joyfully,
Without me, sans my shadow of gloom.
I watch and wait, for that half glimpse from your eyes
Perhaps, now your averted head
Will catch a glance of a broken me.
And you might, as an afterthought, half- heartedly wish to embrace me.
Show me some empathy…
Perhaps, I wish not too intently.
Grant this half wish, my love…
Let your soft gaze rest on me
As rain does on leaves, half-drenched
Shower your love upon me,
So that I become whole again, my love.
Gather each piece of me lovingly,
Lest, no more a burning shadow I be.

Mumtaz Khorakiwala

Picture courtesy:Matteo Catanese

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