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”…but what a humiliation when one stood beside me and heard a flute in the distance and I heard nothing, or someone heard the shepherd singing and again I heard nothing, such incidents brought me to the verge of despair,…”

  •         The Heiligenstadt Testament: Ludwig Van Beethoven 

Pounding on the ivory and ebony

Intimately familiar, is each piano key

Unfailingly, it brings sound alive-

The music of the Danube,

The hillocks, hamlets and vales 

And Titans’ fiery wheel

Encircling a muted me.

How nature fused into musical notes

Is one of the greatest mysteries 

And then my deafened ears

Quicken to life teeming 

Around me

 I began to fathom 

The many faces of melancholy.

My pianoforte understands that

Music cocoons me,

A language, conjoined inseparably 

With my psyche 

reminding me,  once again, of my sanity.

Ah, at last I sip at

The springs of tranquility.

I pound no more at doors

Of a listless fate.

No more does the cityscape

Lure me, and now I bid

Vienna, adieu.

Humiliation and apathy!

What else have you to offer me?

In Hieligenstadt, the muse is kinder,

My sketchbook messier

Scribbled, amended and refined

Always in a tearing hurry

As inspiration comes to me.

Music makes me conversant with memory

Woods, silence, storm and nature’s bounty.

My symphonic steam, magically 

Surges out into – cosmic rhythms

And, lo I proffer 

nine-coined symphonies;

a refined ‘Für Elise’,

The Pastoral Symphony, 

Testaments of inherent harmony.


  • Mumtaz N K 



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