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another dusk snuggles down the lane (a)
smothers- the whislting bullets’ train. (a)
a sniper rushes, (b)
escapes, yet brushes. (b)
death hushes.(b)
lives remain…(a)

he wonders at the irony,(c)
weeping at rulers’ tyranny,(c)
knowing Death touches,(d)
ag’d brows, and blushes.(d)
gore gushes, (d)
in debris.(c)

it snaps another thread of life ( e)
in doomed futile fights. fie at strife! (e)
peace is a voice shrill… (f)
golden crickets trill, (f)
in woods still.(f)
fear is rife; (e)

mobs swayed by mad ideologues, (g)
speeches of gifted demagogues, (g)
pledging allegiance, (h)
yet, kindling vengeance,(h)
a sequence: (h)
blinding fogs. (g)

© Mumtaz N Khorakiwala

Pic courtesy: Alexander Andrews

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