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#Poattic 20

a moment is eternity:

all’s still, the heaven’s Sun and orbs.

when your head curves, fits into mine,

every cell sings, as if alive.


when your flaming ruddy lips touch:

a moment is eternity.

I’m swept in a cosmic frenzy,

tantalisingly warm and slow.


ah while it lasts, succour that bliss,

gossamer, luscious, dreamy kiss;

a moment is eternity.

adrift, I sink with sun and moon.


my being melts- a realm timeless,

your myrrh-scented honeyed full lips,

I stumble, drunk on ambrosia

a moment is eternity.


Mumtaz Khorakiwala

Picture Courtesy: Unsplash -Sean Odell



A Quatern is a sixteen line French form composed of four quatrains. It is similar to the Kyrielle and the Retourne. It has a refrain that is in a different place in each quatrain. The first line of stanza one is the second line of stanza two, third line of stanza three, and fourth line of stanza four. A quatern has eight syllables per line. It does not have to be iambic or follow a set rhyme scheme.


line 1

line 2

line 3

line 4


line 5

line 6 (line 1*First Stanza)

line 7

line 8


line 9

line 10

line 11 (line 1*)

line 12


line 13

line 14

line 15

line 16 (line 1*)



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